waterstreet blues band @ West Coast Blues Festival

West Coast Blues Festival, Goderich

Waterstreet Blues Band with special guest on stellar saxophone - don’t miss I it! On the Courthouse Stage, join us 7:20-8:35 pm, and we’ll join the party with you right after the show! More info at http://www.westcoastblues.ca/

waterstreet blues band @ Southside Shuffle

Southside Shuffle, Mississauga

Southside Shuffle everybody!
Join Waterstreet Blues Band on the street at Fired Up! 12 noon - 4 pm.
Stay for the weekend because it’s gonna be a world-rockin’ top-of-the-chart blues town baby! More info here:

waterstreet blues band @ Belmont Village Bestival

Belmont Village Bestival, Kitchener

Join waterstreet at 4:30 pm on the main stage! Local music all weekend and lots of family activities including guided paint sessions. It’s a free European-style street festival in Belmont Village in Kitchener, near where Union Ave and Belmont Ave meet!

Silvia Dee & the Boyfriend(s)

Rob and Silvia also lead a project called "Silvia Dee & the Boyfriend(s)” They play as a duo, and often mix in musical friends for a rockin' good time.  They like to play restaurants, clubs, and corporate events - anywhere there is a party!  Check out our facebook page or look at the shows right here: 

Silvia Dee & the Boyfriend(s)


Silvia Dee and the Boyfriends @ Lake House of Bayfield

Lake House of Bayfield, Bluewater

We are so pumped to be back at the Lake House of Bayfield! Come for the rock and roll, stay for the menu and the new friends you are sure to make on the dance floor.

Silvia Dee and the Boyfriends @ “Walk About” at the West Coast Blues Festival

“Walk About” at the West Coast Blues Festival, Goderich

Join us at West Street Willies where Rob and SIlvia will be part of the world famous ‘walk about’ with the blues music pouring out of every doorway in downtown Goderich! Along the way, spend some time with us at West Street WIllies 8:30 pm - Midnight.
Book your weekend now because Saturday, join us with the waterstreet blues band on the main stage in Courthouse Square, starting exactly at 7:20 pm and ending at 8:35 pm. A weekend in the pretty pretty town of Goderich right on Lake Huron, where the beaches and sunsets will be glorious at the end of August.

Silvia Dee and the Boyfriends @ Jo Blo’s Rock & Wok

Jo Blo’s Rock & Wok, Mont-saint-pierre

Come on down to Jo Blo’s Rock & Wok in the beautiful city of St. Catharines! Silvia Dee is this week’s guest with award winning drummer Maureen Brown.

Silvia Dee and the Boyfriends @ Churchill Arms

Churchill Arms, Waterloo

Party at Churchill Arms! Rockin’ the last Saturday in September with us - Silvia & Rob, featuring Boyfriend Stuart and Sista THC.

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